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  • Dr. Franco is recognized with the National System of Researchers Level III (SNI-III)

  • Dr. Franco becomes Associate Editor of Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy (Elsevier)

  • Recent publication: Annadurai A, Jacome MS, Lei S, Hernandez-Franco P, Pappa A, Panayiotidis MI, Powers R, Franco R. Metabolic dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease: Bioenergetics, redox homeostasis and central carbon metabolism. Brain Res Bull. (accepted)

  • Recent publication: Anestopoulos I, Sfakianos AP, Franco R, Chlichlia K, Panayiotidis M, Kroll D, Pappa A. A novel role of silibinin as a putative epigenetic modulator in human prostate carcinoma. Molecules. 2016; 22(1) pii:E62

  • Recent publication: Mantso T, Sfakianos A, Atkinson A, Anestopoulos I, Mitsiogianni M, Botaitis S, Perente S, Simoupoulos C, Vasileiadis S, Franco R, Pappa A, Panayiotidis MI. Development of a novel experimental in vitro model of Isothiocyanate-Induced apoptosis in human malignant melanoma cells. Anticancer Res. 2016; 36(12):6303-6309


The Franco lab aims to understand the signaling mechanisms by which cellular metabolism, redox homeostasis and signaling regulate cellular fate. Mitochondrial dysfunction, alterations in protein quality control mechanisms and the activation/impairment of cell death pathways (apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy) have been associated with the etiology of human diseases. Energy failure and oxidative stress have been implicated in the induction of cell death, but the molecular mechanisms that link redox homeostasis and cellular metabolism to the activation of cell death pathways remain elusive. We strive to identify those mechanisms and provide and insight into potential therapeutic approaches. Our primary focus are neurotoxicity associated with environmental exposures, neurodegeneration, brain ischemia and cancer.

Rodrigo Franco

(Rodrigo Franco-Cruz)

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Dr. Rodrigo Franco
Dr. Rodrigo Franco